Thursday, October 21, 2010

The world's richest man Bill Gates: The Battle of retirement started Empire

The world's richest man, announced his retirement plans. For 12 years, "the world's richest man," this title has been monopolized by one person - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

This is the world's most high-profile retirement plan. June 16, 51-year-old Bill Gates himself announced that starting from July 2008, will no longer be responsible for the daily management of the company, his identity will only be Microsoft's chairman and chief advisor on key development projects.

To this end, Microsoft set a two-year transition period to ensure the day to day management responsibilities Gates smooth and orderly transition. As the world's No. 1 philanthropist, Bill Gates would like most of the "retirement" time scale of 29 billion U.S. dollars for the attention of "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," the global health and education.

Meanwhile, the two "Elegance" was selected as Gates "commercial empire" of succession candidates, Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie, chief technology officer and 鍏嬭幈鏍肩﹩杩? Gates took over as chief software architect of Microsoft's history of Oz is one of the most powerful chief technology officer. Interestingly, Microsoft has three individuals as chief technology officer, who report directly to Gates.

Bill Gates is a legend created by PC era, he founded Microsoft, a virtual monopoly on PC software platform era, Gates also accompanied by the continuing escalation of Windows, as the planet's richest man. Gates has retired as the fighting started the Universal Declaration of horn, a series of "pre-retirement plan" is very well organized, Gates also did not see that will be sad to say farewell.

This is to enable Microsoft's Bill Gates in the IT field "regime change" in the continued vitality. The peak of a heroic era of the knowledge necessary to take a bow, PC not cover the river from flowing eastward. Full dominate the world in an Internet era, the vitality of Gates and Microsoft hard hit.

In 1975, Gates left Harvard to create Microsoft; 15 years, Windows set off tidal wave, IBM sigh; 20 years later, under the threat of Netscape, Microsoft, Gates led the first step to the Internet, development the IE browser, Gates wrote for this world-renowned "Internet wave."

In the current revenue structure, 90% of Microsoft's revenue comes from two software products W indows and Office. Software licensing business model, the industry is no longer excited. Represented by Google, the Internet revolution to the new business model in the end, is recognized as a historical trend.

Picture of the future of IT will be like this: the software will no longer be installed on the PC, consumers do not buy the software, consumers only need to use the eye as the "Internet currency" to pay to get all the services. The Internet browser is only the sea coast, the vast waters need more companies to explore business and even philosophy.

31 years later, Microsoft needs to start over. Gates was still "stick" for Microsoft's Internet Explore named W indows Live, to replace the previous MSN, Microsoft's future, almost all Internet service will use W indows Live brand.

Microsoft for its Internet domain "striking" passive enough price to pay, hope with the retirement scheme Gates launched a new round of "Imperial Wars," enough time to launch.



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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Torch Light," Master-class value attached to vocational skills learned over

"Torch Light" full-level value attached to vocational skills learned ~ night bored with the modifier to every skill you have changed to provide full data under the full level 1 level we see for yourself. . Projected to grow it

Also add a variety of passive skills that do not understand the skill level is not practical to list one more of each class

The following are the 10 data

Master system

Arcane Department

Ember Bolt

50% Magic bonus

209-302 Poison Damage


Weapon Damage: 20%

Full level is 4. . Auto giant fast tracking speed. . 4 all the more than 1200 weapons damage +20% 25 full-level skills before 1400 and not the fast pace. . . Depressed. . .


50% Magic bonus

326-457 Ice Damage

120% Chance to Freeze Target for 5 seconds

,,, This skill added to the 100% probability enough. . Full class actually 120%. . . .

Ember Lightning

100% Magic bonus

Weapon Damage: (20 |)%

396-936 Electric Damage


Secondary Effect:

Weapon Damage: 20%

Very far away from the attack of small fan-shaped rather than straight fighting skills seem strange little skill behind the attacks that low but clear than this strange too strong. . Comparison of shock, but this skill. . (Absolutely startled startled..) In addition to this feeling of not fast enough pace

Ember Lance

50% Magic bonus

Weapon Damage: 8%

227-567 Fire Damage

Mana cost 36 per second

Pillar of fire?? Clearly a light beam can also damage a large area is called the. . . Reach all parts of the are playing to the attack frequency and speed very quickly on the stage is a laser battery. . . . . . Going round in circles of fire was too fierce. . Post-attack do not know enough. .


332 Fire Damage for 3 seconds

This skill is too residue was! VH difficult to play six Xiaoguai was killed with a range of small attacks 2S too low. . .

Ember Strike

Weapon Damage20%

868-1389 Fire Damage

As the ultimate big trick. . Attack is not high. . Fast enough and far enough. . . Group would attack Fort attack than the laser with the use of high monomer, then I think a good first DPS skills than this high. .

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"Torch Light" Warrior-class value attached to vocational skills learned over

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"Torch Light," Master-class value attached to vocational skills learned over


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"Light the torch," item copy BUG Use

Lore series

Nether Imp

+80% Health

Increased all Damage by 20%

Grade 6 full feeling pretty good

Thorned Minions

70% Damage Reflected Back on Attacker for 30seconds

Rebound. . . BB not only has its own body

Summon Alchemical Golem

Only a stone statue of a melee attack is a melee attack small groups


24 Knockback

75% Chance that Target Flees for 7 seconds

Are repelled.

Burning Bind

Increases all Physical & Elemental Damage by 140% for 33 seconds

22% Faster Attack for 35seconds

This skill trees a CD.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Summon Beam Golem

Stone and a remote that can coexist melee skills that the laser is the first Department of Ember Lightning miniature

Not the effect of laser Fort Battle lines can also be

Ember Shock

100% Magic bonus

Weapon Damage: 20%

1290-2051 Electric Damage

100% Chance to Stun for 4 seconds

Secondary Effects:

Weapon Damage: 20%

59-1055 Electric Damage

100% Chance to Stun for 2 seconds

As the first attack skill that does high skill is terrible terrible. . However, the shortcomings of this rather horrible skills. .

Range not too slow. . And is a melee attack and decay very serious. . . . . . It is not good with close combat also slow. . More dangerous with them.

Ember Shield

50% Defense bonus, 50% Magic bonus

654 points of Damage Absorbtion

100% Knock Back Resistance

.. Full of level absorption of 654 injuries. . I think the latter is not worth mentioning ah. . But no CD. . 23 full-level mana ...


75% Melee Damage Bonus for 75seconds

75% Ranged Damage Bonus for 75 seconds

Canada's very high. .


-65% To Physical & Elemental Armor for 15 seconds

28% Slower Attack for15 seconds

28% Slower Cast Speed for15 seconds

4 Poison Damage for 15 seconds

Effect as well. .

Ember Phase

50% Strength bonus, 50% Magic bonus

225-449 Damage


68% Chance to Stun for 2 seconds

Work well

Ember Sentry

50% Magic bonus

600 Seconds Summon Duration

Increases All Damage by 185%

And laser stone worse than many a small red pebbles flying around you. . Monomer from near the red laser attack

However, high frequency fast attack

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good promotion of Accounting couple stores Edition

Good accounting couple stores during the event special 300. Limited supplies last! Activities Deadline :2009-08-30

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e-cology in the micro-series 9 pan

Built by e-cology customers, agents and employees throughout the Commonwealth of the National Virtual Operation

Weaver's staff regularly travel, Weaver has customers all over the country, there are pan-agency network of the same micro-distribution in the different identities, decentralized organizations and individuals through an integrated pan-micro-e-cology of a complete virtual operating body.

e-cology as a pan-micro-structures of the system can store all information, regardless of Weaver's employees, customers or agents at any time, any place, through their own portal can get needed information into the system.

By e-cology, Weaver become very flexible organization, employees can work at home to handle their own affairs, if a business trip through the staff portal login system will complete the basic work in the same office. Staff in the field through their own portal, to complete the related tasks, view the customer information, check at the headquarters of the concentration of the knowledge base about the progress of the project and communicate with other employees. Weaver staff by logging on to the employee portal, you can apply for sick leave, without having to call someone to pick you up the phone. Or you can check whether your payroll in your report. Only employees, his / her manager and the personnel department can view the personal information.

Distributed around the customers through their customer portal to learn about the latest product information pan-micro to find relevant technical support documentation, submit requests for related services, and real-time understanding of the progress of the project.

Weaver's agent through the agent portal about Pan-micro offer the latest products and sales policies, through the Pan-micro-micro-unified knowledge base for many years formed the Pan-line learning of knowledge, the same agents can manage their own customers, sales staff can pan micro- real-time agent of the customer that an action plan and the plan results in a timely manner to assist agents to complete tasks and provide technical sales support!

Weaver led the company's regular business trip, but even to the other end of the world, at 鍚屾牱 can understand the company was the Yunzuo situation, the completion of the relevant subordinate tasks, costs associated with claims processing and Chu Ci applications in a timely manner about the company cost of collection Huo happened, monitoring the project company is operating, and to assign the work plan for the next day to the subordinate. Some do not need all that we have to sit down and meet to discuss development!


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rising on the horizon IPTV

People are ready to meet in a time when digital TV, IPTV rushed in. Sources said that even before a domestic digital television models have to be replaced, steering IPTV. This field of television and mobile communications, similar to the situation: In a time when people are preparing for 3G, 4G to
A; in people when preparing digital TV, IPTV to.

Fixed network operators globally in recent years has done much to build and promote a variety of DSL access networks, bandwidth 2M, transmission and television have no problem. This IPTV development framework built a good foundation for Facilities. Now, the mobile service business on the alternative fixed-line competition is becoming increasingly obvious in fixed-line operators to seek new killer business, IPTV is in this context is Chinese and fixed network operators. Fixed network operators to co-operate actively with the content, the development of IPTV.

IPTV is probably the first commercial attempt in 2004. After two years of exploration, in 2006 there good prospects for large-scale commercial.

In Europe, most countries have already launched IPTV telecom business operations. This year in March, in Vienna, Austria promoting telecommunications IPTV, can receive 50 channels, to demand the classic movie, parents can be set up to protect children from access to undesirable program (event 1). Also in March, British Telecom and Time Warner, BBC and many other content providers signed, officially launched the IPTV service (Event 2). Deutsche Telekom IPTV subscribers by the end of 2007 is expected to reach 100 million France Telecom is expected to reach one million in 2008 (event 3).

In China, Telecom, Netcom, and radio and television are also pushing IPTV. In the north, Harbin Netcom announced on August 7, to the end of June, Harbin, Mudanjiang and Heihe three, IPTV users have more than 60,000 (Event 4). Harbin Netcom in 2004, with Shanghai, have begun to deploy IPTV, there are 64 live broadcast channels and 6000 hours of on-demand programming, the system supports time-shifted TV service. The time and business under the user when watching live TV programs, to achieve the program pause, rewind, etc, and can fast-forward live TV is broadcast to the current time.

August 31, announced that Shanghai Telecom IPTV began to distribute telephone numbers to provide 58 channels, support on-demand (case 5). August 25, Shanghai Media confirmed that 10 cities will get the IPTV license, and Netcom cooperation, Heihe, Mudanjiang, Dalian, Shenyang and Panjin, and telecommunications cooperation Xi'an, Fuzhou, Taizhou, Xiamen and Hanzhong ( event 6). Netcom's chief technical adviser confirmed on May 25 Hou Ziqiang, China Netcom is a large-scale deployment in rural Henan IPTV (event 7). He said there is no cable television in rural areas, engaging in small resistance IPTV, Henan, the first batch of pilot 80 000, the second batch will reach 200,000, will be China's largest IPTV systems.

This year, the major market research companies are very optimistic given the development of IPTV forecast. August 7, iSuppli reported that global IPTV subscribers in 2006 reached 5.3 million in 2010 to 63 million in 2010 to 92.1% compound annual growth rate (event 8). Infonetics Research Inc. on July 7 reported that in 2009 the number of users was 53 million, an increase of 4 times higher than in 2005 (event 9). May 24 IDC predicts that in 2008 China's IPTV subscribers to reach 10 million (Event 10).

2006 is the first year of IPTV, IPTV has emerged a large-scale commercial horizon.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Low is not necessarily a good start

In 1996, I had just graduated from university, carries forward borrowed from the 400 yuan students, carries hope, came to the young and vibrant city - Shenzhen.

This seems to hide behind the bustling city seems to be an elusive phenomenon, that is: he refused to ignorance, advocating genuine talent. Just arrived, I, ah hard to find a job, resumes sent a closure, can the result is rain duckweed.

A daily look at their own pockets withered, can not work a little spectrum, heart often dread. No way, will stay only 5 yuan to 10 yuan shop shop, live by the 3 per meal reduced to eating instant noodles was. Gnawing hard to swallow the noodles, I thought to change the exam-oriented strategy, and not just stare at his eyes, professional - accountant, I can try other work Well. To survive, I entered the manhole in a motor factory for QC. To solve the problem of existence, I think, after all, so many years learning, professional can not lose, so I pay attention to newspapers in his spare time on jobs. Really Heaven must be a way, a three to fill a factory to recruit an accountant, can pay 800 yuan only open to candidates of the National People's Congress is go home. Only I hold the attitude of learning and practice into a professional. Once inside I assiduously accounting knowledge, enhance computer training and do not know to ask, did two years solid. But I was in Shenzhen for two years scouring the pot of gold ah - that is, the opportunity to upgrade themselves.

Later, everything seems so smooth, I successfully worked for a foreign-funded enterprises to do accounting, payroll doubling itself, so that the location of the accounting charge.

Now, come to eating instant noodles had probably "bite" out of a little of this: If, like many young men, seeking a job quick success, non-paid "not married" mentality, I have today so smoothly? I can fly my dream?

Shenzhen, is one such place, as long as you have a normal, down to earth, constantly charging equip themselves to take advantage of the opportunity to make a pragmatic bottom, pay the price for their own future.

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Daniusoft AAC Music Converter

Daniusoft AAC Music Converter is a powerful yet easy-to-use converter that can convert aac to other audio formats such as mp3, ac3, wav, ape. It directly converts media stream at the bottom of the operating system, so the output files keep high quality and the conversion speed is fast.

Daniusoft AAC Music Converter supports the following input formats:
m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v, mp4, mp3, wav, aac
Daniusoft AAC Music Converter supports the following output formats:
mp3, m4a, ac3, aac, M4A, wav, ogg, ape

Key Functions:
DRM AAC Music Converter
Convert protected AAC to unprotected audio

Audio Converter
Convert music files between different formats.

Key Features:
1. Convert aac to other audio formats such as mp3,ac3, wav, ape.
2. Remove DRM from aac.
3. Optimized conversion engine, fast and efficient.
4. Support batch mode - convert multiple files all at once.
5. Easy-to-use and self-explaining user interface.

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