Saturday, September 25, 2010

e-cology in the micro-series 9 pan

Built by e-cology customers, agents and employees throughout the Commonwealth of the National Virtual Operation

Weaver's staff regularly travel, Weaver has customers all over the country, there are pan-agency network of the same micro-distribution in the different identities, decentralized organizations and individuals through an integrated pan-micro-e-cology of a complete virtual operating body.

e-cology as a pan-micro-structures of the system can store all information, regardless of Weaver's employees, customers or agents at any time, any place, through their own portal can get needed information into the system.

By e-cology, Weaver become very flexible organization, employees can work at home to handle their own affairs, if a business trip through the staff portal login system will complete the basic work in the same office. Staff in the field through their own portal, to complete the related tasks, view the customer information, check at the headquarters of the concentration of the knowledge base about the progress of the project and communicate with other employees. Weaver staff by logging on to the employee portal, you can apply for sick leave, without having to call someone to pick you up the phone. Or you can check whether your payroll in your report. Only employees, his / her manager and the personnel department can view the personal information.

Distributed around the customers through their customer portal to learn about the latest product information pan-micro to find relevant technical support documentation, submit requests for related services, and real-time understanding of the progress of the project.

Weaver's agent through the agent portal about Pan-micro offer the latest products and sales policies, through the Pan-micro-micro-unified knowledge base for many years formed the Pan-line learning of knowledge, the same agents can manage their own customers, sales staff can pan micro- real-time agent of the customer that an action plan and the plan results in a timely manner to assist agents to complete tasks and provide technical sales support!

Weaver led the company's regular business trip, but even to the other end of the world, at 鍚屾牱 can understand the company was the Yunzuo situation, the completion of the relevant subordinate tasks, costs associated with claims processing and Chu Ci applications in a timely manner about the company cost of collection Huo happened, monitoring the project company is operating, and to assign the work plan for the next day to the subordinate. Some do not need all that we have to sit down and meet to discuss development!


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